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Coherent Breath or Tinnitus Support

Regulate your breath throughout the day and it will, like brainwave entrainment, start to become a good breathing habit supporting  you to ‘be’ and ‘do’ what is needed with ease.  Using simple but potent power of the mind and body.

Learn how to use coherent breath with the power of colour and visualisations to lessen or even halt the negative impact of tinnitus. 


Conscious Connected Breath Sessions  & Transformational Breath ®

Open & connect your breath, safely integrating unwanted thoughts and emotions, achieving a state of flow in your body and in your life using sound therapy, acupressure points, toning, movement and affirmations.


Group Breathing 

Crafted  and powerful  bespoke breath sessions for family, friends, colleagues and peers

Breathe with a small group of friends, colleagues or family. The session is crafted to a common group theme. Benefit from coherent,  conscious connected breath, pranayam and energy work.

Group sessions last from 1.5 to 2 hours.

See the events section to join us on yoga and breath retreats and workshops.

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The IEMT method uses the eyes to re-wire the brain and get to the root cause of the ‘problem’ without the need to retell painful or traumatic past events

Unable to pay full amount now?

No problem, I welcome all breathers. 

Contact Davel to discuss payment plan options if you have variable income levels.

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