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Transformational Breath®

Transformational  Breath ®  is an award winning breath therapy. This modality opens and connects your breath, safely integrating unwanted thoughts and emotions, achieving a state of flow in your body and in your life.

What can I expect from a session?


Your first 2 hour session includes a full breath practice based on a thorough wellness consultation.  I conduct a breath analysis  to detect where the breath is restricted  in your body. I coach you to use a range of toning and movement to open up the breath in previously shallow areas of the body along with positive affirmations  and gentle acupressure to help create a connected breath with a relaxed exhale. 

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Our life experiences affect how we breathe.

We unconsciously hold or constrict our breath in anticipation of something bad or unpleasant happening to us.  The chest, shoulders or back muscles are improperly used to cope with shortness of breath, setting in motion the build-up of blockages to good physical health. Effective breathing brings with it improved physiological benefits.

  • When the diaphragm, the largest breathing muscle in our body is used effectively, it helps to increase the amount oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanged for cellular regeneration. More vitality and energy is generated.

  • Up to 70% toxins can be breathed out from the body, preventing the build-up of disease and supporting good organ function for the entire body.

Emotional, Mental & Subconscious

Restrictions or pauses in our breath  can prevent us from staying present with the unwanted emotions through a whole chain of events in the nervous system of the body. A dysregulated  breathing pattern can set off any number of default emotional reactions including panic, avoidance, defensiveness and anger.   Becoming aware of the breath is vital in managing unwanted strong emotions.


Whether positive or negative, all emotions carry different vibrations and frequencies in the body.

We now know that breathing rhythms can create a wide range of vibrations, dislodging repressed emotions from past traumas. 

Effective breathing  brings attention to self-sabotaging thought patterns, helping to build self-esteem and hone an inner truth that serves us well in both challenging times and moments of joy.


Awakened, Consciousness
& Spiritual

Once you’ve  become more conscious of your breath on a daily basis, you'll  begin to notice positive changes in your life. Your sense of gratitude may become even more obvious.


Some people connect to spirituality through nature, self-love  or human connection,  for others  it is faith of something less

tangible but endowed with universal truth, 

kindness and  compassion. 

  • You might begin to trust and tap into your own wisdom and inner truth. 

  • Connections with yourself, people, nature  and the spirit world take on new meaning or with greater clarity.

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