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  Meet Davel

You found me! I believe  in integrating the wisdom of ancient practices with evidence-based techniques  to support clients and community members to  tap into their own potential.  


In truth, my personal experience of self-healing has taught me how to enable clients to reclaim what is important and valuable to them. To move beyond the past and live in the 'now'. I work with people who are hungry for a life change.


By connecting with the coherence of the breath and   safely releasing unhelpful memory imprints, the people       I  work with begin to feel confident about changing  

                    unhelpful old habit patterns and embracing                                          balance  joy and peace of mind.


My Journey

I first came across the gentle power of the breath in my early years as a student of hatha yoga in 1994. Even so, years later I was burnt out from a successful yet intense 30-year career in international development. I hadn’t accepted the degree to which I had suppressed painful emotions and I hadn't realised or fully accepted what was truly important to me in this life. Things shifted drastically in 2018 when I was diagnosed with a brain condition, paving the way to my first conscious connected breath workshop. That breath experience was so profound that it set in motion a chain of events that has been truly life-changing.


Breathwork  has helped me :

  •  Make peace with the root cause of imbalance in my life.

  • Trust my intuition. 

  • Be conscious of the choices I make to help me move forward in this life.

  • Begin to accept that time is on my side.

  • Accept reality as it is. As it is.


My Credentials & Accreditation 

Davel is a trauma-skilled coach, certified breath facilitator with Transformational Breath® (circular and integrated breathing) and Coherent Breath (breath alignment of the nervous and whole body system). Trained in mental health first aid, she is also a wannabe neuroscience geek, which isn’t surprising  in light of her career related to evidence-based programming skills. She is also a certified ‘Integrated Eye Movement’ Therapist with the Association of Integrated Eye Movement  Practitioners   and been a reiki practitioner since 2008.


My Work Ethic

Professional integrity, life balance and a daily spiritual practice that enables me to support clients to a high standard. 


My Approach

When it comes to healing and life balance, I know one size does not fit all. I co-create a personalised service based on the belief that people inherently know they can make a positive change in their lives, if they choose and feel safe to do so. I use an integrative approach which includes breathwork, integrative eye movement therapy and coaching. If a client request reiki healing, I will also offer this service. Everything in this world and the universe beyond is energy and vibration, so I work from the premise that my work is informed and influenced by energy exchange. The hard reality is that some people struggle to make the time and space available to foster those positive life changes in sustained way. Much like a person's unique fingerprint, l craft a bespoke approach for my clients, supporting them to get to the root cause of an issue based on their unique set of life experiences. l have been trained to ask challenging questions. I'll listen to what and how my clients 'see' themselves and others. By working with unhelpful and unwanted memory imprints, my clients become aware of unwanted thoughts, beliefs and behaviours as they occur. This enables them to know when to pause before reacting adversely, and over time, clients have stopped unhelpful thoughts, feelings and actions from re-occurring. I chose to be trained as an online practitioner so that I can expertly offer safe and effective services remotely. My clients receive complete details on how to prepare for, and what to expect from, their online experience. If you’re keen to release the root cause of an imbalance in your life but you’re not sure how to start or how to maintain personal practices and habits that work in your favour, then click on the free consultation button at the top of the page and take the opportunity to have an initial consultation with me to find out what you suits YOU.

“It is truth that liberates, not your effort to be free”

- Krishnamurti, 1929

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