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Rayah.M, Neurolinguistic Programming Coach

It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

Davel's gentle voice was the perfect guide throughout the experience, and she intuitively knew when to go easy and when to help you push into a breakthrough. I’m so grateful to have come away with a greater awareness of myself and new insights, something you want as you go on a transformational journey of any kind. I would highly recommend signing up for a session with Davel!

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Sophie Sheinwald,

I was honestly blown away.

I believe the traumatic times I witnessed was able to be released in this session. Over the years, I have done deep therapeutic work in relation to my trauma, this [session] definitely felt different and made me realise how much trauma and upset gets stored in our bodies… I felt an incredible release and letting go. On the bell that Davel tinkled, I felt a wonderful feeling of completion.


Jordan Marsh, School Educator & Yoga Teacher 

The sessions helped me to experience healing in a way that I'd never imagined.

Davel is a caring and knowledgeable breathwork facilitator. Through thoughtful and sensitive engagement, she helped me to better understand my own breath and breath-body


Pregnant Belly

Elsie, 6 months Pregnant, Psychologist 

Davel supported me through every minute, even with it being an online session.

I was six months pregnant when Davel breathed me. It was really lovely. She showed great sensitivity to my situation and compiled a really soothing playlist and allowed me to go gently through the process. I felt very held and that she was there to support me.

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