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What is coherent breath?

This method of breathing requires a person to inhale for  6 seconds and exhale for same amount of time with  no pause. This is the nasal breath practice to hone for 20 minutes each day, bringing the heartbeat into a regular, rhythmic alignment with the body’s overall frequency. It enables you to be ‘breath aware’ as you go about your day, whether at home, out socialising or at work. There is no need for special equipment and under initial guidance you can improve your lung capacity by using variable rates of inhale/exhale for high performing sports.


James Nestor, in The New Science of A Lost Art, describes it as: “A calming practice that places the heart, lungs and circulation into a state of coherence, where the systems of the body are working at peak efficiency. There is no more essential technique and none more basic.”


Stephen Elliott, Life Scientist and originator of Coherent Breathing, says it delivers all the benefits of exercise and of meditation to the brain.

According to a leading cardiologist, if you practice this breath method everyday for 6 months, you will reverse your heart age by 10 years! ( Dr. Alan Watkins).  


 I am one of the founding members and a licensed user of the new breath software application ‘Aria Breath’. This app is specifically designed to pace your breath at 4, 5 or 6 breaths per minute with formulated music. I invite you to book a free discovery call with me and listen to one of the tracks as a taster, you’ll be amazed at how well this works whatever your starting breath pace is.


The Coherent breath approach draws on the imagination, colour, movement and bi-hemispheric lateralization - a fancy term to describe two sides of the brain - each with cognitive specialisms. For example, counting has the ability to focus the left hemisphere of the brain, while colour does the same for the right hemisphere. When our breath is paced at 6 breaths per minute, it’s very difficult for the busy mind and brain to do anything else but respond to the helpful biochemical changes incurred by the essential exchange of gases in our bodies.  This means we can cleverly combine slow breathing with our imagination and/or colour to  alleviate stress/anxiety, reduce panic and increase cognitive performance.

Regulate your breath throughout the day with coherent breathing and it will, like brainwave entrainment, start to become a good habit assisting you to ‘be’ or ‘do’  with ease.  

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Can I mix the conscious connected and coherent breath into one session? Not exactly. This nasal breathing modality is very different to the conscious connected breath modality. It is offered as part of the bundle support package to promote a daily effective breathing habit wherever you are and whenever you can. No props or equipment necessary, unless you’d like to use the ARIA breath software application to pace your breathwork each day. Receive two to four complimentary sessions ‘fit for purpose’ either in person or remotely via zoom when you book a bundle programme.

Do you offer only coherent breath as a service? Yes. You can still receive a breath analysis to assess if and where the breath is restricted and flowing. Following a brief explanation of the presenting problem, Davel will tailor what aspects to add to the coherent breath for you to practice at home. You will also receive a demonstration of your unique practice.

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