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Sun, 26 Nov


Zen Studios

Breathing for wintertime.

Breathe slow and rhythmically to help you tune into the nourishing energy of this winter.

Breathing for wintertime.
Breathing for wintertime.

Time & Location

26 Nov 2023, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT

Zen Studios, Camberwell Grove, London SE5 8RE, UK

About the event

About this Event:

Join us, learn and practice coherent breathing   and Pranayama (yogic breathing) in the tranquil and spacious ZEN studios. 

For Bookings please go the Eventbrite here.

This workshop comes with an open invitation to breathe and re-balance. Tap into the energy inherent in the auric field and sustain yourself during this winter.  Feel the positive outcome of prana, the vital life force energy drawn from a few energizing yogic breathing exercises, all of which are especially designed as a warm up to the main part of the workshop.

Coherent breathing (also known as resonance breathwork) is a simple, soothing and yet life changing breathing style. It is thenasal breath practice to learn more about and if you choose to, hone each  and everyday. James Nestor, in The New Science of A Lost Art, describes it as: “A calming practice that places the heart, lungs and circulation into a state of coherence, where the systems of the body are working at peak efficiency. There is no more essential technique and none more basic.”

Learn how to become ‘breath aware’ as you go about your day whether you’re at home, at work or out socializing. Join us and breath to specially curated music attuned to 5 breaths per minute.

What to expect

We begin the workshop with a short pranayama section, delivered as a three-part breath practice. You’ll be guided to notice your breathing while lying down as well as upright and in motion. Stress and poor posture can create physical and energetic blockages in our bodies, often leading to shallow or stilted breathing. Over time, we can develop unconscious breathing patterns which restrict the flow of our breath and vital flow (prana or qi). Kanwal will guide you through some simple breathing exercises to support the life energy to flow more freely through the body, helping us to be more energized.

Please note, prior yogic breathing is not necessary for this part of the workshop.

The main part of the workshop involves coherent breathing which begins with a short introduction to help you understand the benefits of slow, rhythmic and nasal breathing. After a few warm up breathing exercises to help you into ease into slow breathing,  Davel will guide you to breathe coherently to a specially curated music attuned to 5 breaths per minute. This aspect of the breathwork is very different from other sound-related breathwork and is designed to help slow breathing. 1 in 10 people struggle to breathe slowly and diaphragmatically. Learn more about yourself, your breath pattern and the ways in which you can easily adjust the pace and rhythm of the breath.

Meet your facilitators

Davel is Breath Specialist and founder of Aura Breath. She is certified in several breath modalities including the ‘go-to’ breath practice called ‘coherent/harmonic breath’. Davel offers a combined ten years of experience in reiki and energy therapy, mental health first aid, eye movement therapy and trauma informed coaching though. She first began her breath journey with pranayama in 1994 and became an active member of British Register of Complimentary Practitioners and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance in 2019.

Kanwal has been teaching pranayama for 13 years. Her classes are engaging and inclusive, guiding yoga students with mindful breathing. Yogabliss  classes are characterised by warmth, intuition and clear communication. Kanwal was drawn to yoga as a way of keeping a centre of gravity whilst doing a demanding job working on women's rights and social justice. She is a member of the Independent Yoga Network and  continues to embrace a regular meditation practice since 2017.

What to bring.

Your own water bottle.

Wear loose comfy clothing, socks and layers for added warmth.

Mats and large zafus are provided. Bring your own small pillow for added comfort.

Avoid alcohol on the day.

Avoid heavy meals 1- 2 hours prior.

Optional: a notepad and pen for journaling after your session.

No previous experience is necessary.

This workshop is suitable for anyone. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied. This workshop is disability aware. 

Our Values We offer a service with equity diversity, inclusion in mind and we welcome any questions you may have to help you access and enjoy this workshop.

Questions and Contraindications: Practices being taught in this class are not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment of any specific condition. While there are no specific contraindications for  Coherent Breathwork,  it’s important to listen to your own body and to not cause physical pain or strain during this workshop. Regarding pranayama, if you live with epilepsy or have any existing pulmonary or pelvic conditions please contact Davel by clicking here.


This workshop is disability aware. We offer a service with equity diversity, inclusion in mind and we welcome any questions you may have to help you access and enjoy this workshop.

Refund policy: 72 hours' notice for proven medical situation (less the Eventbrite administrative charge).

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